The magic behind Divination

What's behind Divination is trust. Trust in synchronicity. Trust in meaning. Trust in the cards. Trust in the medial advisor.

Trust the cards and they will work for you. Trust in the spirit realm and they will show you.

Even prove you.

What's really magical with laying Tarot and Oracle cards is to get in touch with the quiet/hidden communication.

To connect to the Spirit Realm getting channeled messages and guidance in turn to be a guide for someone else.

To sometimes understand precisely why exactly these cards jumped out of the deck. And sometimes understand barely anything at all, believing that you don't make any sense - just to find out that your client gets it all and is beyond thankful. That's how the secrecy works.

The most amazing part is when I get surprised myself - even impressed by what's coming through.

I remember my first channeling of a close friend's dear passed grandma. It was such a strong and clear connection that I fell into tears. Tears of gratefulness discovering my gift, tears from all the love I felt from this bond and also tears out of humbleness towards the meeting in between these two dimensions where I was the intermediary - the medium.

It makes me think of the movie 'Ghost' where Whoopi Goldberg plays the psychic Oda Mae Brown who does not only channel but also lets Sam (Patrick Swayze) take place in her body and borrow it in order to be able to meet with his love Molly (Demi Moore) one last time.

I was so fascinated by this beautiful movie as a child, especially because of Molly's ceramics practice as an artist,

but little did I know that I was not only gonna be an artist but also a psychic..!

I can't even imagine what I would have thought if someone told me that I would be a psychic back then.

I used to be a skeptic myself. But I chose to let curiosity take overhand instead of shutting down totally turning away from the occult and mysticism. I believe that everybody has the opportunity of opening up and developing these kinds of psychic gifts. It's only a matter of choice. It's only a trust issue or overcoming of fear or doubt away.

As long as you want to. You can be anything. I myself am proof of that. Since I was being told as a child that I could be nothing. Now I'm everything.

How to start then, if you really seek to develop your psychic abilities?

Choose a deck that pulls you. That you find beautiful or somehow get drawn to. Start out with one-card readings or three-card readings, since it sometimes can be easier to see a larger context and the relation in between the cards. It can be helpful to know a little about symbolism, astrology and numerology but channeling is really about using your "imagination" in a way you never done it before.

It's all about believing in what you see, sense and hear. Again, trust. Trust in what's coming out of you. Trust that it's being delivered just the way it's supposed to.

It's about opening your Third Eye - your inner visions, your inner hearing, your inner knowing and your Sixth Sense of feeling energies and emotions. It's called being Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant and Clairsentient.

You can use all of these skills or one at a time or combine them however suits you best. There are certain guided meditations to help with these things and also supporting crystals such as the purple Amethyst for opening your Third Eye Chakra for instance.

It is said that the Masculine Third Eye is located in between your eyebrows and that your Feminine Third Eye is located in your neck. Maybe that's from where the expression "to have eyes in one's neck" comes. To see what's behind or even what's in the past while the eye in between the eyebrows might be the one seeing the future.

Try me. Or try yourself.

Ps. Have you ever thought about the fact that "Eye" sounds just like "I"..?

Eye See You

Here's a guided meditation to help opening your Pineal Gland - The Third Eye Chakra

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