On Sha(wo)manism and Spirit Animals

Some Shawomanic Songs for this read.

"What does shaman mean in English?

noun. (especially among certain tribal peoples)

A person who acts as intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds, using magic to cure illness, foretell the future, control spiritual forces, etc."
"Shamanism is strong in Siberia, Tibet, Korea, Mongolia, Alaska, the Amazon, Canada and Scandinavia."

Me 33 years old starting my

Conscious Shawomanic Journey


Kundalini Awakening

four years ago.

Even though the word shaman doesn't originate from the word for man I find it important in our time of strong equality standards to loosen up all of the words consisting of "man" such as hu(wo)mankind, hu(wo)man being and (wo)man itself in order to include duality as in balancing Yin & Yang and eventually opening up for the whole spectrum of gender and species; (hu)onekind, (hu)one being and one.

Shawomanism can be about changing our language and the way we speak as well. Since writing and speech is to spell - casting spells. Therefore I try to use the word "one" instead of "man" as much as I can and I highly recommend and inspire you to do the same. Since it all begins with you. With one.

As a child I told my dad that I wanted to live with Native Americans, Indigenous Tribes in The Amazon, and my biggest inspiration was Sitting Bull. In our little town there was this huge market each year. One year there were these Cherokee Natives selling their crafts. I was way too shy to speak to them alone so I went home and told my dad about them. My dad, who was often too busy - taking care of three children and my sick mum, suddenly dropped all he got in his hands to follow me to speak to them.

As my dad introduced me to the Cherokees I asked for a symbol for freedom. That's when I got my first Power Animal the White-Tailed Eagle. In my teenage years it became very important to fit in, wearing certain branded clothes was a big part in getting acceptance and respect. There was this certain shirt with a small Native American portrait on it that everyone wished for or wore. We weren't that rich but my dad did his best in trying to provide for us and our wellbeing.

Just that he didn't get the point about that exact shirt but instead got me a knitted one from the same brand, just with a huge portrait of a Native American on it. It was of course totally wrong among the cool people but I couldn't be more proud or love and cherish a shirt more.

I've always wanted a typical Native American name. And all of a sudden I just realized that my name means She Beholds Bear. My family name Björ(h)n means Bear and I grew up with three German Shepherds so I've always felt close to The Wolf - which is my closest Spirit Animal - that I've met myself in a guided Spirit Animal Meditation.

As a kid I spent a lot of time in the meadow just behind our house. There I talked to various spirits such as faeries, small insects and birds for instance but also Butterflies and Dragon-flies - which are the two Spirit Animals that I have tattooed.

My fake grandpa told me that he saw a Flying Fish next to me and that makes total sense being an emotional rollercoaster traveling in between feelings - water and thoughts/mind - air and in between dimensions as a quite contradictory and pendulous yet remarkable, fascinating and peculiar being if I may say it myself, and I may in favor of self-love, right..?

Later on I found out that I have some kind of connection to The Crow Tribe as I met with a Soul Brother of mine at another market and we wore the same kind of black feathers. I have a strong connection to birds and find feathers everywhere I go. I also have got a Pheasant Wing from someone telling me that I'm a Nature Witch.

Anyway, at that market I found the same Raven Claw holding a crystal ball as my dear Brazilian Shaman Irineu wore. Dear Irineu who guided me through four Amazonian 'Sacred Fire of The Heart' Ceremonies, as I got reborn connecting with The Jaguar within, before he passed over.

Oha Brother, forever to the front, forever up, forever grateful!

At the same market A Spider showed me which necklace to choose. It was a Peruvian one, a Waning Crescent Moon with a flying Sun and Turquoise on it.

I have also taken a workshop in Norse Shamanism for Dear Tekla Drakfrände (Dragonfriend) at Läkegården which I highly recommend anyone curious in Sweden. http://www.lakegarden.se/

In my drum journeys for Tekla I learned that I can control the four elements. I also met with my Unicorn and my Dragon. I didn't think that I was ready for a Dragon but as I hesitated it hit me with its' tail so I climbed on to it and flew. Who knew?!

Underneath is a Guided Meditation for meeting with your Spirit Animal:

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