From my first meetings with Tarot to making my very own Oracle deck

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

I got in touch with tarot and oracle decks as my Indian "grandpa" introduced me to his little shop 'Happy Ganesha'.

He told me I'm a 'Moon Princess'.

He laid cards for me, read my palm, guided me to the seductive essential oil White Musk and the enchanting crystal Cat's Eye.

As a visual artist I was pulled to the little table with a small shelf of tarot and oracle decks.

There I found Art Nouveau Tarot and also Astrological Oracle. Dear grandpa told me that I could be another Doreen Virtue as I have this dream about doing my PhD, even though I doubt that I would leave all of my spiritual work behind in favour for traditional religion, but you never know, do you..?

You always know.

"She knows.", as grandpa Ashok would have put it.

That's how he finishes his beautiful wise existential poems.

A dear friend of mine has a son who used to call me 'She'.

"There is She!", he shouted as I came visiting.

It might be that Jessika was too hard to pronounce or even remember but I was fond of my new nickname, it made me feel special and appreciated as the young woman I was - not always as comfortable with gender and all of the qualities that comes with gender roles.

As I celebrated my 25th birthday me and my friends were out dancing at this trendy hipster bar in Stockholm where I lived. I was pretty surprised to discover there was a psychic making readings in a corner of that bar.

Jolanda The Third is a renowned psychic and she told me that I was in a state of limbo or in a vacuum, as in a bubble, and that I would have to stay there for a while. She could have meant that I was drunk but I knew that she meant in a higher state, on a metaphysical level. And I knew she was right. She spoke to my subconscious in a way that only art had done before.

2012 was the year that I burnt out. I had this out-of-body experience where I lifted above myself looking down on my very own hands, wondering what I was doing, folding clothes in the clothing store where I had been working a couple of years after my Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. I was introduced to 'Reconnective Healing' by a close friend's husband and became aware that I could see and feel things in other dimensions.

So I was pulled to this little spiritual shop 'Juno'. There I connected with the decks created by ever so inspiring Colette Baron-Reid and I bought 'Wisdom of the Oracle' and later on 'The Mystical Shaman Oracle'.

In this cosy shop there's this White Lady working and on one special occasion I couldn't really find what I was looking for. So this White Lady went behind a curtain and when she came back from behind she gave me stunning 'Shadowscapes Tarot' by gifted Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I was enchanted.

This deck was the very portal to my journey with tarot and oracle cards with its' elven and fairylike dreamscape and poetic fairytales as guidance.

And it is said that you're supposed to get your first deck as a gift from someone else.

Since then I have had the opportunity of discovering the enchanting sphere created by amazing Rebecca Campbell and highly talented Danielle Noel. These Goddesses' work has been the very starting point for the process of creating my very own oracle deck. Danielle has been a huge inspiration with her stunning aesthetics and Rebecca has been a great support with her passionate generous sharings of work - pure pieces of art and alchemy.

My dearest Thank You to all of these magical,

inspirational colleagues and guiding mentors.

If my own deck 'She Beholds Oracle' will be the inspiration for one more soul to follow their heart's dream of creating their very own deck or any other piece of transforming art I will be deeply honored.

My deck:

About me:

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