She Beholds. Herself. In the mirror of her deep soul. 

In her surroundings. Her creation of life. 

Everything is created by her for her.

Everything happens for her, not to her.

Everything is a blessing and a lesson. 


Everyone She meets is a piece of the puzzle. 


The Mission is to Behold. And act. Without judgement.


Plant a Seed. Rest. Transform. Rebirth. 

Listen to the Child Within. Protect her. 

Balance her Shadow and Higher Self. 

The Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. 

The Four Elements; Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.


Be aware of her Subconscious. 

Feel the Freedom as the Free Spirit She is. 

Feel Unity and Abundance. Love. 

Be the Storm. She is the Storm.


Connect to the moon and to her Spirit Tribe. 

Embrace the Cycles and her Vulnerability. 

Acceptance. Loss and Flow. Ebb and Flow. 

Patience. Deep Rest. Awakening and Expansion. 




Walk the Path. Beware of the Trickster. 

Explore her Creativity. Hear the Music. 

Be the Change. Make a Wish. 

Cherish her Integrity. Release. Blossom. 

All on her way.